Picking A Puppy You Will Love

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Picking a puppy is going to be a very important task. You must do your research and make a well-educated choice. You can not just “return” your puppy if things do not work out. Please take the time to read our suggestions BEFORE you pick out your new puppy.

Picking A Puppy that works for you.

The first thing you must consider when selecting your new puppy is, where will you get it. There are options, like a pet store, a rescue, a shelter, or a breeder. Each place can provide you with a puppy, but not all are as good of an option as others. We will cover each option in this step, so that you can make your choice.


  • Pet Stores: This option is frowned upon, due to the amounts of puppy mills found to be servicing them. If you decide to do to a store expect to pay a pretty hefty price. In the event your puppy did come from a puppy mill you may end up paying a lot more in the long run, due to health issues that stem from unethical breeding. Most pet stores are however more than willing to locate a specific breed. If you are interested in a specific breed this is a plus.                                                                                               
  • Rescue: Rescues help dogs to find new homes. The rescues are usually getting dogs out of situations that are inhumane. Hence the name “Rescue” they are saving the animal. If this makes you feel warm and fuzzy then Milldogrescue.com has variety dogs available. You will be limited to what dogs are availible. Sometimes there are puppies but if you are picky about breed you may be out of luck.                                                           
  • Shelters: Shelters are usually ran by local government. A shelter will pick up a dog and keep them for a predetermined period of time, then the animals are destroyed. Shelters do have puppies from time to time but again you will be limited to breed selection.                                                             
  • Breeders: A good breeder will be selective about breed standards and health. They will get a bad reputation if they sell unhealthy dogs and that would ruin their business. The big problem here is finding a breeder for the type of dog that you want to raise.

Selecting A Breed of Puppy

After you decided where you will get you puppy, you need to decide what kind of puppy to get. If you do not know what kind of dog you wish to get, consider looking at a local shelter or rescue. If you have you heart set on specific breed, you should research that breed to be sure that it is a good fit for you. Many factors go in to selecting a puppy breed. Take your time and be sure to consider all of them.

Things to Consider When Selecting Your Puppies Breed.

  1. Size: A Great Dane is not going to do well in an apartment. Take in to account the size of the area you have. You need to be sure that you and your new K9 friend will both be happy where you are at.                               
  2. Energy Level: The energy level of your dog should align with your energy level. A person that is a couch potato, may not want to get a high energy level like a Border Collie.                                                                          
  3. Care: Consider  the amount of care that the breed may require. Dogs with a long coat will require grooming far more often than one with a short coat.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  4. Special Interests: If you want to hunt with your dog you may want a hound. Your dog may need to do some herding in that case get a collie. The point is get a breed for an aptitude for the activities that you enjoy.


Picking Your Dog Out of a Litter.   

picking a puppy
How to Pick a Puppy

With your breed selected you must now select the individual dog that you will bring home. At this point you can look for energy level, dominance, and over all social activity. Lets say you have a lot of energy, you should look for a very playful dog that moves around a bunch. In the scenario where you are a very timid person, you may want to select a dog that is lower energy and less dominant. We can not go over every situation here, so I hope you get the general idea.

At a rescue, or shelter you will most likely not get a chance to see the puppy interact with the litter. Be sure to spend lots of time getting to know each other before you make you decision. You really want this relationship to be successful.           



Picking A Puppy You Will Love
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Picking A Puppy You Will Love
Picking a puppy is going to be a very important task. You must do your research and make a well-educated choice. You can not just "return" your puppy if things do not work out. Please take the time to read our suggestions BEFORE you pick out your new puppy.
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