Can Dogs Eat Apples

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Can Dogs Eat Apples? Dogs are man’s best friends, and are the ones that stay up late to guard you and your properties. A dog will play with you, accompany you wherever you need to go, and a lot more. 


Can Dogs Eat Apples

Yes, Dogs can eat most of an apple. Read the entire article to ensure you don’t feed the bad part. Like human beings who gets all the goodness from apples – even just one each day – dogs can also enjoy the crisp, juicy taste of apples. Apples contain all the phytonutrients, fiber, and vitamin A as well as C.

The phytonutrients can be found on the skin of the fruit and is known to be very helpful in fighting and preventing cancers of different types. The fibre in apple regulates and boost the health of different systems in the body.

All the vitamins that are found in apples are also very helpful in improving the overall health of the body through strengthening the immunity. Dogs, like humans can benefit from better eyesight, hair color and a lot more just by eating apples.

How can dogs eat apples? Chop them up or blend them on their food for better absorption. You can even core the apples and feed them slices.


Do Not Feed Dogs Apple seeds!!!

There is just one thing that you should not forget. Do not let your dogs eat to the core as the seeds of apples are rich in cyanide. This is a compound of chemicals carbon that triple bonded with Nitrogen, known as CN or Cyrano group.

Cyanide can be inorganic or organic. The ones found in apples are organic and are better known as Nitriles. While rich in this chemical as a natural defense against herbivores, cyanide poisoning doesn’t happen right away.

Symptoms are dizziness, fast heart rate, headache, shortness of breath, and the most significant is vomiting. These are also the first signs, so when any of these happen, you should worry and immediately ask the help of an expert. The more this should worry you when they are followed with cardiac arrest, loss of consciousness, low blood pressure, seizures, and slow heart rate.

Prepare the Apple Correctly and Your Dog Will Enjoy it!!

can dogs eat apples
Can Dogs Eat Apples

So if you are asking if your dogs can actually eat apples, of course they can. Remove the apples seeds because they can be highly toxic when consumed in very high dosage. The best way to let your dog eat these wonder fruits is to cut them up, and remember to remove the seeds before tossing them to your dogs. Or, you can also choose to make a good blend of the fruit to mix with the dog food.

Dogs can be furry, baldy, or just fine haired. These domesticated pets can come in different sizes, breeds, and bulk, which will all depends on the liking of the owner. Some dog lovers even import breeds or go through a lot of trouble crossbreeding their favorite dog breeds.

If you are a dog lover then joining clubs specifically for dogs is a wise idea. You’ll get more ideas on how to care for your dogs, especially with the food and kind of treats you can give them. Remember dogs can eat apples, but not to the core containing seeds.

Can Dogs Eat Apples
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Can Dogs Eat Apples
Dogs can eat apples, and they do enjoy them, but you should not allow your dog to eat apple seeds as this can lead to grave health issues. Simply core the apple slice it up and feed to your dog.
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